Coastal Canadian Tuxedo


Chambray on Chambray.

Two-piece sets stand for versatility. They can be paired together or as separates for extra mileage. The chambray used, in our Chambray Collection, is made from an eco-friendly blend of hemp, recycled polyester and a touch of spandex. The result is the perfect lightweight fabric for both spring and summer. 

Sustainable Wardrobe.

Do you remember our promise that pieces from our collections would build cohesively from collection to collection? Well, as you can see, these new chambray pieces pair perfectly with styles from our first collection – especially the white bamboo tops. 

We’re All About That Hemp. 

Even though we are selling these pieces in a striking blue this fabric is super “green”. Our chambray is made from 53% hemp, 44% recycled polyester and 3% spandex. 

Hemp: Hemp has been around since the beginning of time – literally. It was the first plant that was used for textiles in 8000 BC. Hemp does not require pesticides or herbicides and is the most durable of all natural fibers. 

Recycled Polyester: Otherwise known as “green poly” for its Earthly benefits. Recycled polyester is made from the material in recycled water bottles. Instead of going into a landfill, these bottles are broken up into chips, spun into yarn and used to make the fabric.